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Retail Week: Why has Aldi launched a smartphone and is it a good idea?

One month ago Aldi Nord in Germany launched two smartphone models – the difference to the UK launch is that these were branded models rather than own-brand. Our Head of Insights, Paul Martin, spoke to Retail Week about what this means for the discounter.

“This is all about showing strategic intent and the quality of your channel to market”

Retail Times: Can an outsider be a successful leader?

Paul Martin, managing director at Boxwood Insights, considers strategies for retailer leadership following the death of Karl Albrecht of Aldi and Philip Clarke’s departure from Tesco

“Over the last week, two very significant stories have hit the retail news headlines. The first was the passing of Karl Albrecht who, together with his brother Theo, founded Aldi in Germany over 50 years ago. Read more