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The Retailer: Delivering Growth - the international option

KPMG Boxwood Insights Director, Paul Martin wrote an article for the BRC publication, The Retailer: ‘Delivering Growth - the international option.’

The Why, Where and How of internationalisation.
Growth. It’s the holy grail of any retail business, and especially hard to come by in the current market. But to grow you have to be better than the rest of the pack, and stealing market share from your UK competitors can be complex and hard won. So what’s the answer? Read more ...

ConsumerCurrents: Time for grocers to think the unthinkable

KPMG Boxwood Insights Director Paul Martin wrote an article on grocers for KPMG’s publication ConsumerCurrents.

ConsumerCurrents provides senior executives at consumer goods companies, insight on topical industry issues, global trends and business planning.

Change is not enough. You need to transform your business. You need to unlock its potential to drive profitable growth. To get results now, not next year, you need an experienced partner who will challenge your current thinking and bring knowledge and expertise from other sectors as well as your own. A committed partner who specialises in business transformation and who will work closely with your people in a way that suits you.

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